Welcome to the Romsey War Horse Statue project

Great news: We have reached about £40,000 so we are approaching our target which needs about £15,000 more for the statue. In addition to the statue, we shall need between £15,000 and £20,000 to ensure that it is securely mounted in an attractive setting near the entrance to the War Memorial Park. To see the early stages of creating the statue, go to Progress of the Statue.

Amy Goodman met Michael Morpurgo and 'Joey' the War Horse at Lymington Museum, where there is an exhibition about military horses in World War I.  This was reported in 'The Times of 8 March in an article by Carol Wright. Since then Major General Patrick Cordingley took her to visit the Household Cavalry and looked at authentic period tack as would have been used in the Great War.

In World War I there was a massive Remount Camp on Pauncefoot Hill just outside Romsey. In little more than 3 years, it prepared 120,000 horses and mules for war service.

After the War the Remount Camp was completely demolished and largely forgotten, but hardcore from the camp was used to raise the ground level of the new War Memorial Park in Romsey.

A group of local people wish to commemorate the horses and men who served at the Remount Camp and propose that a statue be erected to stand in the park. Local sculptor Amy Goodman has agreed to design and cast in bronze resin a statue  of a warhorse and soldier. The organisers have begun a public consultation exercise about the project and most response has been favourable.

The cost of statue will be £55,000 and the plinth and setting a further £20,000 and we ask your help.  The picture below shows how we are approaching our goal of £55,000 for the statue.  We have received £40,000 so far.

We hope to unveil the statue in April 2015 which is the centenary of the opening of Romsey Remount Camp as a functioning establishment.

If you would like to donate towards the project you can send a cheque to The Town Clerk, Town Hall, Romsey, SO51 8YZ.
If you want to make a payment directly to our bank account, contact the Town Clerk for details. (01794 512837)
For further information contact Cllr Dorothy Baverstock on 01794 517552 or Phoebe Merrick on 01794 513751.

Romsey is in Hampshire in southern England.

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